Patiala College of Education, Patiala

Patiala College of Education, Sirhind Road, Patiala is governed by the management committee of 'Sara Educational & Social Society, Patiala. The first academic session of Patiala College of Education commenced in September 2008. The College is owned and maintained by the magnanimous and enlightened Sara Educational & Social Society. The College has developed into a center of high quality education of practical relevance to the present and future needs of our rapidly changing society. Teachers build the nation and the strength of the nation depends on how the teachers guide the students, who are the future hope of the country. P.C.E. tends to prove the teachers are not born but rather they are made with the help of advanced scientific and technological know how. The aim of the college has always been to produce enlightened and potential teachers who would repay the society through maximum utilization of their educational input & other skills. P.C.E. stands fully prepared to meet the challenges of the changing times.


'Where mind is held high' was the sole desire of Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore and with this objective in mind, the Patiala College of Education has been established in the lap of the nature, away from the din of the city, on the same pattern as Guruji had founded the Shanti Niketan in Calcutta.

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